Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oracle Openworld 2011 Schedule Set

Yes!! I finally get to go to an Oracle Openworld. I have been to many IOUG users weeks before and after the IOUG conference split from Oracle in 1995 along with a couple ODTUG conferences, but not to an Oracle Openworld conferences out in San Francisco.

I got my schedule all set. Here is the process I went through to get it my schedule loaded on my phone via my Google calendar. (I know there is an Oracle Openworld application, but I have an old Windows Mobile phone and the Android port for my phone eats my battery and I have no cellular data service...)
  1. In the Openworld schedule content catalog I went through and populated my interest list.
  2. I copied (cut and paste) the 69 events to my PC in Excel (date, time, location and event title).
  3. In the Openworld schedule builder I selected my first choices for each time slot. I have 36 first choices. I prefixed my primary event names with "1)".
  4. Next I selected 33 secondary choices left on my interest list for each time slot. I prefixed my secondary event names with "2)".
  5. I saved all the events to a CVS file.
  6. I imported the CVS file into my Google calendar.
  7. I synced my old Windows Mobile phone with my Google calendar.
  8. Now I have to fit in time for the exhibit hall..
It was a long painful process, but I now have all the events I want go to in my phone.

Here are my preferred events for each time slot. Unfortunately it shows the session ID and not the session title.

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