Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More "Spring Cleaning"

Well I continued my "Spring Cleaning" at work. I dug into the Oracle software and documentation drawers. After having developed Oracle-based software since 1987, I get sentimental about older versions of software documentation that I spent a lot of time reading and working with. It is always nice to see where you have been so you can hopefully appreciate where are. (See my next blog entry for a complete list of Oracle software and documentation I found.)

Oracle used to actually publish bound documentation book sets. That was before CD ROMs and the Internet. I remember these were prized possessions. It was very expensive to buy extra sets, well expensive for the places that I have worked. So if you had a set of books for SQL*Forms for example, you were popular with all the other developers who were developing Forms applications.

Back in 1987 I started with SQL*Forms v2.0 and Oracle 5. Prior to v2.0 you had FastForms where to develop a screen you had to answer tons of questions. It was a question and answer session to develop a Form. I found SQL*Forms v2.0 documentation but known for Oracle 5. I did find Oracle 6 RDBMS manuals though. Here are some that I found that have sentimental value to me. Hopefully they bring back good memories for you.

SQL*Forms Designer Quick Reference from 1987

IBM DOS v3.30 docs and software 3.5" and 5.25" media from April 1987

IBM OS/2 v1.10 from 1988

Oracle Office Demo Disk from September 1993


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