Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where does old Oracle software and documentation go?

As indicated in my previous post, I did more "spring" cleaning at work and got hold of some old Oracle software and documentation. Some old documentation like SQL*Forms v3.0 and Oracle7 (RDBMS) Server I actually had to leave in the cabinet because we still have production applications written in them believe it or not. They are running on an old DEC VAX/VMS.

So , where does all that old Oracle software and documentation go when it is superseded by a newer version? Is there an Oracle recycling center out at Redwood Shore? Is there an Oracle historical society or museum that would want this "stuff"?

What should I do with the software and documentation? Is it of use to anyone out there? Should I just throw it all out? Please post your serious and funny suggestions. Oh ya, let me know if you may want this "stuff", too.

Here is what I got hold of:

Oracle Software (all media is CD ROM except where noted)

  • Oracle Office Demo Disk September 1993 (3.5" media)
  • OTN IOUG-A Live 2000 Software Kit
  • -Oracle WebDB v2.2 Linux
  • -Oracle8i Enterprise Edition 8.1.5 Linux
  • -Oracle8i Enterprice Ed. R2 MS Win NT/2000 V8.1.6
  • -Oracle WebDB v2.2 MS Win NT
  • -Oracle JDeveloper 3.1 MS Win NT
  • Oracle Discover v4.1.27
  • Oracle JDeveloper R3.2.3
  • Oracle8i Lite v4.
  • Oracle Tools CD Pack MS Windows
  • -Oracle Designer R6.0
  • -Oracle8i Lite v4.
  • -Oracle8i Personal Edition v8.1.5
  • -Oracle JDeveloper R3.2.3
  • -Oracle Forms and Reports 6i R2
  • -Oracle Discoverer 3i
  • -Oracle JDeveloper R3.1
  • -Oracle Application Server Enterprise Edition v4.0.8.1
  • Oracle9i Application Server v1. CD Pack Sun SPARC Solaris
  • Oracle OpenWorld 2000 Software Kit
  • -Oracle Internet Application Server 8i Linux and MS Windows NT
  • -Oracle Warehouse Builder v2. MS Windows NT
  • -Oracle Workflow R2.5.1
  • -Oracle WebDB v2.2 Linux and MS Windows NT
  • -Oracle Internet File Server R1.0 MS Windows NT
  • -Oracle8i Enterprise Edition R2 Linux and MS Windows NT
  • -Oracle Portal-to-Go v1.0.2.1
  • Oracle Database 8i R2 Sun SPARC Solaris
  • -Oracle8i Standard Edition R2
  • -Oracle8i Enterprise Edition R2
  • -Oracle Internet File Server
  • -Oracle Enterprise Manger
  • -Oracle Workflow
  • -Oracle eMail Server
  • -Oracle Darwin Data Mining Suite
  • -Oracle Express Server
  • -Oracle Transparent Gateways (many)
  • -Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • -Oracle Geocode
  • -Oracle Pure Name and Address
  • -Oracle WebD v2.2
  • Oracle9i Application Server R1 MS Windows NT
  • ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2007 (4 copies)
  • Oracle JDeveloper v2.0 (4 copies)
  • Oracle Application Server v4.0.7 MS Windows NT
  • Oracle Application Server v3.0.0 MS Windows NT
  • Oracle Webserver v2.1.1 Sun SPARC Solaris
  • Oracle Designer R6 MS Windows 95/98/NT
  • Oracle Designer R2.1.2 MS Windows 95/98/NT
  • Developer/2000 v2.0 MS Windows NT
  • Oracle Developer v6.0 MS Windows 95/98/NT
  • Oracle Developer/2000 R2.1 MS Windows NT
  • Oracle Developer Server v2.0 MS Windows NT Patch 1 (2 copies)
  • Oracle8 Personal Edition MS Windows NT
  • Oracle Server Enterprise Edition v7. Sun SPARC Solaris
Oracle Documentation

  • Oracle Procedure Builder
  • Oracle Forms 4.5
  • Oracle Reports 2.5
  • Oracle Graphics 2.5
  • Oracle Glue
  • Oracle8 Personal Edition
  • Oracle Designer Handbook
  • Develop Oracle Forms Applications
  • Oracle V6.0 SQL Reference Manual
  • Oracle V6.0 Error Codes
  • Oracle V6.0 DQC VAX/VMS Installation Guide
  • Oracle V6.0 OCI
  • Oracle7 Concepts
  • Oracle7 User's Guide
  • Oracle7 SQL Language (2 copies)
  • Oracle7 Utility User's Guide
  • Oracle7 Application Developer's Guide
  • Oracle PL/SQL v2.0 User's Guide and Reference
  • Oracle Call Interface Guide v7.0
  • SQL*Forms v2.0 Designer's Quick Reference
  • SQL*Forms v2.3 Designer's Quick Reference
  • SQL*Forms v2.3 Operator's Quick Reference
  • SQL*Plus v2.0 Quick Reference
  • Oracle Keyboard Layout Templates for SQL*Forms Operator and Designer for the PC, VT100, ...


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